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The World's First Automatic 45ft LNG Tank Container Production Line Is Under Construction in CET


Recently, in the workshop of CSSC Chengxi (Taizhou) Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., a 45-foot LNG tank container production line is under construction. When completed, the line will be the world's first automatic 45-foot LNG tank container production line.


In recent years, the country has introduced "Gasification of The Yangtze River", "Gasification Inland River" project, and introduced 《The Whole Ship Carrying LNG Portable Tank Container Transportation Safety Requirements》, 《The Optimization of Multimodal Transport Development Adjustment of Transportation Structure Work Plan》, these policies introduced to increase the market demand for LNG tank containers, brings unprecedented opportunities to the company. The rise in demand for products required a new production line to support the birth of this automated production line.


LNG tank container is used to store LNG. Compared with LNG pipelines and LNG transport ships, LNG tank container has advantages of convenient storage and transportation and strong flexibility in the use process.


After the completion of the automatic production line for 45ft LNG tank container, it has the advantages of high automation, high production efficiency, good product quality control, low labor cost and energy consumption, and less pollution. The production line stations adopt AGV (automatic guided vehicle) and RGV (rail guided vehicle) intelligent transportation system. The intelligent control system independently developed by CSSC 11th Institute is used for the whole process of production management, and the overall technology has reached the international advanced level.


What are the advantages of this automatic production line compared with the traditional one?


In terms of the initial blanking process of tank container, plasma cutting machine was originally used, while the automatic production line used laser cutting machine. Compared with the two, the latter cutting precision is higher, can accelerate the later product assembly speed.


In the process of tank container welding, the automatic production line has introduced a series of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, reducing the manual welding. Welding speed is nearly twice faster than the original, the rate of finished products has also been further improved.


At the end of welding, the screening of welding seam requires multiple steps such as screening and washing, which not only takes a long time and wastes manpower, but also causes certain pollution to the environment due to the chemical agents used in the screening. The new production line adopts digital imaging system, which can detect the welding effect in real time by computer. The workload of 8 people can be completed by 1 person.


After the tank forming, the original use of pickling cleaning for tank container , will be changed to laser cleaning, further reduce the pollution of the environment.


Traditional tank container production line, from the blanking to the finished product to go through a number of procedures, the tank needs to constantly change the site. The new production line uses intelligent transportation system between stations, which will greatly improve transmission speed and reduce safety risks.


The production line is scheduled for completion and delivery by the middle of this year. After delivery, the company will be able to produce 1,800 45-foot tank containers a year, increasing production efficiency by nearly six times.