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UN T75 LNG portable tank container

Chengxi (Taizhou) Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (called CET for short), in accordance with the guidelines of CSSC high quality development strategy transformation, has transformed into high-end equipment manufacturing industry in recent years, focusing on the research and manufacturing of pressure vessels, the main products are in line with ISO 45/40/20 feet LNG tank containers.

The company's LNG tank container production workshop covers an area of about 43,000 m2, painting workshop covers an area of about 10,000 m2. The world's advanced tank container production line is equipped with more than 200 advanced cutting, welding, logistics, nesting, assembly, flaw detection, coating and other production equipment, the company has realized the professional, automatic and intelligent production line from blanking, manufacturing, assembly to coating, and its manufacturing technology has reached the leading level of the industry. 

At present, the company has a research and design team, production management team and quality control team of more than 100 people, and has a number of well-known technology and production experts in the industry. The company has also obtained certificate of authorization issued by ASME and production license of special equipment (tank container C2) issued by State Administration for Market Regulation, with independent research, design and manufacture of various energy, chemical, food and beverage pressure vessels.

The company has an annual production capacity of 2000 sets of LNG tank containers.  At present, the production of 45ft and 40ft LNG tank containers have passed various performance tests, and obtained the corresponding product certificates, design capabilities and product performance are in the industry leading level. 

The company has a state first-class open logistics quay of 1060 meters, has a unique advantage for the delivery of container products and other heavy cargo. Relying on the technical support of many research institutes under the CSSC, the company has a strong technology research capabilities and strong financial strength, which has created superior conditions for the realization of large-scale undertaking and manufacturing of LNG tank containers. 

The company sincerely hopes to establish long-term cooperative partnership with domestic and foreign customers and build itself into a world-class professional LNG tank container manufacturing enterprise.


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